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What I’ve done in almost 8 years

Yet another anniversary of my time on the internet has passed. And by quite a bit.

Turns out, I have now, officially, been putting words to screen (and it’s verifiable) for just a bit over 7 years! If you were to go back through the archives here, you will find my first post, at what was, happened on November 5th, 2003.

Personal The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post 82

What a very interesting year 2009 was, at least for me. Amazingly I survived, but just barely.

Two Zero One Zero


Holy Crap, What a weekend!


MTTS Update (998)

This is a repost for those that don’t follow along at the other sites but might be interested in following along as we cover a National Automotive Event. If you’ve already seen this at dbmini, WRR or MF, no need to click through because it is exactly the same. I will say that I will […]