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It does Snow at my House

While extremely rare, on occassion, it does snow in Southern California. It also snows in Las Vegas, but I don’t have pictures of that. I did hear from the ‘rents and read on Twitter that Las Vegas was practically an island yesterday. The airport was closed. Interstate 15 between Stateline and Baker was closed. Interstate […]

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Strange Weather

Here we are, coming off of a weekend with temperatures over 100 degrees. Shooting straight into the weekend that, for most people, starts summer. And, we have thunder storms. Let me tell you that this isn’t a summer time thunderstorm. Those mean warm. Humidity. Sunshine when it’s done. Oh no my friends, this is more […]

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The Sunday Post XVIV

Been a full week since I have posted. I was a little off this week. I started to notice a certain technical bent in my posts of late, and I’ve been trying to find something else to post about, just to break things up. Sure, I could have posted a rant too, but why be […]