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Like I mentioned in the last video hour (you really should watch), I have some changes planned for this site for 2009 that might or might not envolve you, the fine reader. To start, the Personnel Directory page has been newly created for 2009. Much like the old Cast of Characters page at w(t)f, […]


The BlackBerry Storm, Part 3

Imagine if you will a video box below. That is where my short video review of the phone was going to go. But then I started reading the internets. Oh my. actually has a link to the updated software, .75, for the Storm that cures many of the issues with the accelerometer, among others. […]

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The Sunday Post 50

Wow, the big five-o! Makes me want to surf or book somebody. Updates, Upgrades and Uniques I’m starting to serious wonder about my resume writing skills. No kidding, I have sent over 40 copies out in the last 3 week without so much as a nibble. Working on a re-write this week, but if anyone […]