The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post #97: Passwords

My Gmail account was recently compromised. Yes, mine. Someone was able to figure out my password and log in using, as far as I can, a mobile device in France. It was an old version of my password and it had been the same since I started my gmail account forever ago. I guess I was due.

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You’re doing it wrong

By design, I’m a cynic. It has taken me many years of practice and getting burned or watching my customers get burned by fly-by-night outfits or independent contractors that just don’t get it. And nothing gets me more riled up than people that take advantage of others because they do not know what to look for.

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The Problem with Twitter

I’m the robot. And why I don’t like Twitter. _Sometimes_.


The Like Button

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for the past few months and I finally have enough of a thought about to put words to screen. Today, I would like to discuss with you, the fine readership, the **like** button.

Personal Rebranding Site News


Taking a page out of my own playbook, I’ve been making a few changes ’round here. Tom Petty reference not intentional.

I have decided to go back to the “I wonder who will find me” model of personal publishing, instead of forcing it onto your screens. I’ve been pushing stuff to Twitter long enough, so you know it’s all here. Now to see if you keep coming back.