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The Sunday Post 59

Since I turned 200k miles in my MINI, I’ve spent an additional 1,800 miles in my MINI. How bad can it be? Sure the stock market is tanking. Housing starts are down. The price of oil keeps dropping no matter how much production is cut. And unemployment is at all time highs. Or is it? […]

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I drive too much

Just got back from the LA Auto Show and before I sort and post the photos, audio and video, I felt compelled to share something with you. In the last 24 hours I have driven approximately 195 miles. Under normal conditions (like driving to Las Vegas) that distance would normally take a little less than […]

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An Experiement

I’ve been posting over here for a few years now. Not promoting it so much, or linking a whole lot across the ‘net. My thoughts have always been “if they find it, great. If not, that’s ok too” when it comes to traffic here at w(t)f. It started off with a bunch of spammers and […]