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The Sunday Post XXI

Web stuff, wifi and cats! So, w(t)f spent yesterday and some of this morning in a complete state of borkage. Problem was with the ftp account I was using. Once I figured it out, I was able to upload the necessary files (latest greatest wp) and everything is exactly as it should be. I will […]

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The Sunday Post, XX

Wow, already 20 of these? Not too shabby. Today I shall talk about music. Well, kinda. Recently a friend of mine purchased an Apple TV. I know, that’s what I said too. Even went nuts and got the 160GB model. I know, I know. I said that too. But I got to talk to him […]

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The Sunday Post XVIV

Been a full week since I have posted. I was a little off this week. I started to notice a certain technical bent in my posts of late, and I’ve been trying to find something else to post about, just to break things up. Sure, I could have posted a rant too, but why be […]

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post XVIII

…or things that don’t really bother me I don’t have an iPhone Looking like I will be the last on the block.  Now that all of you have one, I think that’s good enough.  I’ll be the ‘cool’ kid that has something different.  Suckers! The 2M peeps in California that are defaulting on the home […]