My Next Project

Something I am suddenly finding myself in need of is another laptop computer. The MacBook has been passed down to teh Lad and still working great, but I’m wanting something very portable, very small and very light. With enough power to write, do some light surfing, watch a video or Hulu and maybe process photos.… Continue reading My Next Project

Uninstall apps on the Mac

After my recent issues with the Adobe AIR runtime component in OS X, I started thinking about the uninstallation of apps on the Mac in general. Sure, it’s simple, right? Find the app in The Finder, drag it to the trash and **poof**, it’s gone. Except that it really isn’t. Over on Windows, MS made… Continue reading Uninstall apps on the Mac

Time to Upgrade

After a brief email exchange with Mr. IE6 earlier this morning, I decided to cruise through the server logs here, here and here to see what browsers all y’all have been using to access everything. And, if I’m honest, I was shocked. There are still more of you that are using out of date browsers… Continue reading Time to Upgrade

The Sunday Post #65

So many things going on over here, but none of them terribly post worthy. So instead I have decided to punt. The Sunday List Post New favorite app. this week; Trashit for when you just can’t get the trash emptied, no matter what. Yes, I tried that. Tried that too. This worked. And free. Another… Continue reading The Sunday Post #65