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The Sunday Post #105: Where it Started

Recently, I was turned on to a pretty keen app for the mac by Jason. It will let you download all of you flickr photos. Pretty keen, right? Not only will it let you download them all, it will let you download only those photos not in sets. Brilliant! Photography over the years From what […]

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The Sunday Post #96

1 week ago, I spent 9 days driving a MINI Cooper from San Diego to Denver. All told, I racked up about 2,000 miles (no matter what I tell you there) from the time I picked it up to the time I got to Denver.

I spent 9 days in a MINI


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The Sunday Post 58

This is a re-post from dbmini but I thought it good enough to share with you that don’t follow the MINI stuff. 200K Miles in a MINI Cooper It’s official as you can see from the photo. My MINI eclipsed the 200,000 mile mark recently and thought it would be a good time to give […]

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The Sunday Post 50

Wow, the big five-o! Makes me want to surf or book somebody. Updates, Upgrades and Uniques I’m starting to serious wonder about my resume writing skills. No kidding, I have sent over 40 copies out in the last 3 week without so much as a nibble. Working on a re-write this week, but if anyone […]

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I’m back

And while I was gone, in case you missed it, the new Delicious rolled out, as did the new Facebook. Neat, both counts. While I sleep to prepare to close out MTTS with photos and posts, watch this. More MTTS to come.