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iTunes Match

Driving to work this morning, I thought I would give iTunes Match another try. On my iPhone, I navigated to my songs and hit the shuffle button at the top of the screen. First song up played for 30 seconds then paused for about 10 before playing for another 20 seconds and pausing. So I […]

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I’ve got updates!

Quick updates on a few things I have mentioned here at w(t)f over the last week or so. Been using this for a solid week now with Gmail POP3. It’s been pretty good I must say but there are a few things I think could be a little better. Setting up rules and mailboxes […]

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It had to be done

Random surfing today led me to this post by Mr. Merlin Mann on using smart playlists in iTunes to do more than just organize music, but as a utility to find stuff that you don’t listen to. Using one of the tips, I was able to clear out over 6GB of old podcasts that were […]