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So, I had the chance to fondle an iPad this past weekend for a few minutes at the local Apple store. Sure, it was cool. Sure, it was pretty neat. Sure, it struck me as an iPod touch with a microphone and larger screen.

I wasn’t that impressed.

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iPod as an iPhone

There is a very good chance that I will be going to England over Memorial day weekend, for those of you that haven’t heard. MINI United 2009 is coming up and they have asked us to head on over and cover it for WRR and Motoringfile. Should be fun! I have a couple of issues […]

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I have decided

For the last 6 months or so I’ve been going back and forth on my next computer purchase. As I’ve mentioned before, I like 2 machines. 1 that is mobile that I can keep small, light and having only what I need to have while I’m mobile. And the other for my desk which holds […]