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Why should I care?

I don’t have an iPhone now. I’m not going to switch to AT&T so I can get one later. So why am I sitting here, excited like the rest of you, about the keynote? I’ll follow along as best I can, but here we are, about an hour before it starts and twitter is already […]

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Gadgets that Changed the World

Crunch Gear has posted the top 101 Gadgets that have changed the world. In alphabetical order no-less. I’ll save you the hassle. The iPhone didn’t make the cut. So, can we stop with the ‘greatest invention of mankind’ now? Thank you.

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It is beginning

Check out this comment from TUAW this morning. 2. Are they going to lock our Macs with this software also? Will 10.5 lock our Macs so that no Open Source or non-Apple approved software can run anymore? And if it detects any unregistered or non-Apple software running then it will brick our Macs? iPhone? Negative […]

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Bricked phone?

Leo has posted his displeasure over the bricking of the iPhones with the latest update. He makes some great analogies to his point. It’s time to stop complaining. If you were one that did, in fact, have your phone bricked because you unlocked it, you kinda had it coming. It’s not like Apple didn’t warn […]


My 2 cents

It’s really a shame I think. Last week the Stevemeister rolled out some hot new Apple gadgets. Namely, a completely refreshed line of iPods, including the iPhone without the phone part, the iPod Touch. It’s too bad nobody is talking about them. First up on the list of ‘things people hate about the new iPods” […]