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100% Mac Shop

As you probable already figured out from the last post, I’m now 100% Mac. Also, for those not playing the home game, there was this from the weekend. [blackbirdpie id=157630426880544768] Since I didn’t have WiFi and I wasn’t able to get any work done, I did some writing. It all started back in 2007 when […]

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The Sunday Post #107: iStuff

Back to back Sunday Posts? I know that’s never happened before and there is a very good reason for that. But first. On iPhones and the Macbook Air Recent addition to my quiver is the 13″ Macbook Air. I looked really hard at the 11″, aka the iPad Pro, but decided the larger screen and […]

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iTunes Match

Driving to work this morning, I thought I would give iTunes Match another try. On my iPhone, I navigated to my songs and hit the shuffle button at the top of the screen. First song up played for 30 seconds then paused for about 10 before playing for another 20 seconds and pausing. So I […]

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I don’t get Spotify

First, G+ had everyone excited. I’m still excited about it in fact. Then a new hotness became available that everyone went super duper crazy for. Spotify. And, to be honest, I don’t get it. It appears to be a recolored version of iTunes with streaming capability. There is a mobile app that you can download […]


Working Toward Device #13

[blackbirdpie id=83663856240566272] **[LONG VERSION]** When last we spoke about my never ending problems with cell phones, I had just received my 2nd Droid Incredible (Dinc). The first was crashing after a call. No big deal. Replacement arrived 2 days early. I was up and running again in a little less than an hour. Then, starting […]