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Why get a Mac

This is a post that’s been in the queue for about a month. I forgot about it until recently. Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten a few question about the Mac, since I was the only one at the office that had one. Many of them think the Mac doesn’t crash. Many of them […]

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Saturday Stuff

I’ve got more than a few things to get done today. I spent the better part of the week sitting on my hands for the most part and getting nothing done except for a few lackluster workouts. Well, maybe that is not entirely correct. I did get a few things done this week. Got another […]


w(t)f video hour #31

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Right, I have 2 Macs

I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around this concept, but now I have 2 Macs. And, I have data on one that I need on the other, and vice versa. That is how I discovered remembered that I have an Evernote account. It sure is coming in handy with to-do lists and the like. […]

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The Sunday Post #66

And today, I have a new Mac. Yes, there is a new Mac on my desk Yes, I bought a new iMac, the upper end 20″, and it’s a fine machine. I know I have been complaining about Macs, mine in particular. But I have a feeling that those issues are because it’s a first […]