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Taking a page out of my own playbook, I’ve been making a few changes ’round here. Tom Petty reference not intentional.

I have decided to go back to the “I wonder who will find me” model of personal publishing, instead of forcing it onto your screens. I’ve been pushing stuff to Twitter long enough, so you know it’s all here. Now to see if you keep coming back.


MTTS Update (998)

This is a repost for those that don’t follow along at the other sites but might be interested in following along as we cover a National Automotive Event. If you’ve already seen this at dbmini, WRR or MF, no need to click through because it is exactly the same. I will say that I will […]

Personal Tech

Would you hire this guy? (996)

For starters, in case you were wondering, I am, in fact, for hire. Not a craigslist fan? Check this out instead. Feel free to pass that along to anyone, anywhere, that you think could benefit from my services. Next up, you probably noticed all of the sites I run were down today. The outage effected […]

Mac Stuff Tech The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post, XLII

We can say I had some time on my hands this week. So, I got to play with some things. New things for the week A recap of all the things I’ve been trying/using this week, in case you missed any of them. FriendFeed. I think it’s handy. 1 stop shopping for all my stuff, […]