My New Favorite Thing

Quite possibly my newest favorite thing. I’ve been using it long enough to actual talk about it here, in the hope that you will also adopt it as your newest favorite thing. And it’s called That stands for **If This Then That**. Very simple, very logical. It allows you to do something with one […]

Mobile Observations

Verizon Wireless iPhone



Evernote on the Storm

Evernote finally announced a version for Blackberry phones. Specifically (as of this posting) for the Storm, Bold and Curve. This one has been a long time coming. >We’re very excited about this release because, like a BlackBerry, Evernote is designed to fit perfectly into today’s fluid life/work mix. The minute you need to remember something, […]

Mac Stuff Observations Tech

Right, I have 2 Macs

I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around this concept, but now I have 2 Macs. And, I have data on one that I need on the other, and vice versa. That is how I discovered remembered that I have an Evernote account. It sure is coming in handy with to-do lists and the like. […]


Just some things

Trying to get back on track after being gone for 2 weeks. Feeling the need to post, but not really having anything, a quick list of things that I’m either looking at, playing with or doing. So, I have an Evernote account. Downloaded the app even. Does anyone have a good use for this? I […]