The Sunday Post #105: Where it Started

Photos from 2005

Recently, I was turned on to a pretty keen app for the mac by Jason. It will let you download all of you flickr photos. Pretty keen, right? Not only will it let you download them all, it will let you download only those photos not in sets. Brilliant! Photography over the years From what… Continue reading The Sunday Post #105: Where it Started

Changing back

[blackbirdpie id=95992436299542528] I guess I have an excess amount of magnetic energy eminating from my person. Perhaps I don’t properly worship the correct gods. Maybe I have the wrong haircut. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not cool enough. Whatever the case, I have the worse luck with mobile phones. This Android device was perfectly ok until… Continue reading Changing back

Hello, Phone #12

I’m still putting the finishing touches on the new theme, but this just couldn’t wait. In the mail today I received my 12th replacement mobile phone from Verizon Wireless. Twelve times I’ve had problems with a phone. Twelve times I’ve had to call 611 or visit my local store. Twelve times I’ve had to reinstall… Continue reading Hello, Phone #12