Who is the Customer?

If you aren't serving the customer directly, you need to be serving the person that is. No excuses, just do it. — db (@dbwilldo) October 30, 2012 It would seem that I’ve been talking quite a bit about customer service lately. There are many reasons for that, mostly because it’s the one thing that has… Continue reading Who is the Customer?

You’re doing it wrong

By design, I’m a cynic. It has taken me many years of practice and getting burned or watching my customers get burned by fly-by-night outfits or independent contractors that just don’t get it. And nothing gets me more riled up than people that take advantage of others because they do not know what to look for.

On Customer Service. Again

I’m writing you today because I actually have the time. You see, I _thought_ I had a 9:00AM appointment with one of my best customers. Turns out, I was mistaken and didn’t find out until I actually spoke to the customer 10 minutes prior to my arrival.