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Recipe: Fireball Cranberry Sauce

One of my Facebook friends shared a photo of a bottle of Fireball in front of her cranberry sauce. I thought about that and the more I thought the more I knew that would be an amazing combination. I’ve never made cranberry sauce before either, so call me Mr. Challenge Accepted.

I didn’t look up any recipe, just jumped in with both feet and I have to say the results were really amazing!

  • Cranberries, fresh – 1lb
  • Oranges – 2 medium to large, juiced and zest from 1
  • Fireball – 1 shot (1.5oz)
  • White Sugar – 1 cup
  • Salt – 2tsp
  • Water to cover

In a sauce pan, squeeze the oranges, add the zest and the cranberries. Just cover with water. Add the sugar and stir to combine. Let this come to a boil so the berries pop and slow the heat down to medium low. Keep stirring to break down the berries and to get everything thick. At this point, add your Fireball. Reduce heat to low, continuing to stir frequently and often, until the desired consistency is reached.

Start to finish this took about 45 minutes. I ended up with a very nice bowl of cranberries that were perfectly tart and sweet with just a hint of cinnamon and orange. I will make this again.