Superbowl XL

Or at least the way I see it….

Why did the commercial have the international symbol for handicap in the lower right corner at the end?

Pepsi commercials or Strong Bad Email. You decide.

You think Mick is tired of singing Start me up yet? If it were me I’d be all, “you’re f’ing kidding me right? man, if I have to sing that song one more time heads are gonna roll!”

It wasn’t a touchdown. The ball was totally on the wrong side of the line.

Those Sprint phones must be seriously hefty if you can use it to bonk someone’s skull and they fall over. No way I’m gonna carry a brick like that on my hip!

Finally, a note to Budweiser. Bring back the frogs. The uber violent commercials don’t make me want to drink beer. Neither did seeing everyone tearing an office apart looking for budlight like it was treasure. C’mon now, the beer just isn’t. That. Good. Stop it.

More after the game…

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