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Our good friend Josh inspired this post. From earlier this week.

jSchwa: things that piss me off:

j: awesome new designs/devices/technologies that don’t exist outside of photoshop

j: for example (he sends this link)

Which got me to thinking about something else I saw on the intarwebs last week. Pictures and the rest of the story after the jump.

The link Josh sent was to the device on the right. A very cool printer table, where the printer is built into the table. The picture on the left I found at Gizmodo and it’s a computer desk, where the computer is _built_ into a desk.

Both are vaporware. Both would be cool.

So why aren’t they getting built? I mean, the computer desk is cool enough it has me thinking about modding my own desk here to make it happen. The printer table might take a little more engineering, but not as much as I think you think it would.

Maybe cost? Not many people willing to let loose with, and I’m guessing here, over US$2,000 for a table, even with a computer built in. Probably US$1K or more for the printer.

I say, build it and they will come. How cool would it be to have a desk that had a slot load DVD drive on the side, some USB ports on the back, plus an spot to plug in 1 or 2 displays? That would be sweet. Easy access with a lift-off desktop, cooling through the bottom or sides. There would be space for a full SCSI or SATA array even. Heck, the only thing that might be a problem would be the power supply, but I know someone has to have built a small form-factor power supply.

Don’t be surprised if I start posting mod pictures of my desk. I saw a sweet dual G4 tower in Craigslist a few weeks ago that would make a perfect candidate for tearing down and making into a desk.

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