Stop Wasting My Time

We have covered this before, right? I am pretty sure that we have.

One of my biggest annoyances is getting asked for my opinion or assitance, only to have that opinion or assistance questioned or not taken. Made even more super-extra-hyper annoying when I invest a sizable chunk of my day to the endeavor. Sizeable chunk here would be 10 minutes or more.

Instead of laying down a huge rant this time, I thought instead of sharing a few suggestions to assist you in wasting less of my, or anyone else’, time.

  1. First check any owners manual or user guide or help file. Good chance the answer you are seeking might be found there
  2. Check any emails you might have. Do they answer your question?
  3. Perhaps you have heard of this really cool website called Google? It’s awesome! It will let you search for things on the internet.
  4. Run back through the procedure one more time.
  5. Find another refernce. Magazines, websites, message boards, yellow pages

If you have run through any of the options that **do not** require my interaction and are still stuck, then repeat steps 1-5 above one more time. Still stuck?

Whoa there turbo. Don’t go all question askin’ on me yet. Before you do, take a minute to think about the possible answer you are going to get from your askee. Do you think you will like the answer? Do you think you will take the advice? Or, will you ask the question, question the answer and do what you first thought you would anyway?

If you are 90% sure you will take the advice, then go ahead and ask.

If, however, your mission is to be a douche bag and ignore or question any advice given by your askee, then keep it to yourself.

This has been another life lesson by the good folks at The preceding message reflects the views and opinions of Don Burnside but not necessarily anyone else.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.


  1. Well that’s almost as bad as being asked for assistance because they’re too stupid to follow instructions.

    Hell Tuesday I got called by somebody because they couldn’t log in to one of the learning portals… Now if they had taken just 5 seconds to READ the popup that appeared before they tried to log in they wouldn’t have had a problem… But why read a big dark red pop up box that says DO THIS FIRST!!!

    1. I had that happen to my once on a message board. Annoying.

      I should start a “stuff that pisses me off blog”. Godaddy here I come!

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