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Last week when I was driving back from AMVIV I had a little bit of time on my hands. That trek, which is normally about a 4 hour drive, took almost 8. And, when I’m stuck staring at ‘Jesus loves you’ bumper stickers for that long, my mind wanders a bit sometimes. Or sometimes I get crazy and/or brilliant ideas.

This time, it was a brilliant idea. I mean, like, seriously. The few people that I have told agree that it is a brilliant idea. So, I’m in the process of making something happen. Seriously.

But, to make this particular something happen I’m going to have to use tools that I’ve not used before. Follow processes that I’m not familiar with and do a few things that are either out of my skill set and my comfort zone.

And, for most of it, I will be trying to share it with you.

It’s always fun, at least to me, to have to change things up a bit. Unlike the majority of people on the planet, I embrace change. I enjoy a good challenge and like figuring out new stuff. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well and get some use out of what I share.

First step, a little mind mapping. Stay tuned.

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  1. I know some people who did some mind mapping once..

    It all started well, they had a grand ole time…

    Then all of a sudden the cops were chasing them, and they went though a wormhole which stuck them on a desert planet. And the bus they were on was stuck in the sand, and the driver tried to run through the worm hole and he died… They started to dig out the bus and realized that the planet had been eaten by these robotic parasites…

    Oh wait, that’s the Dr Who episode I just watched… Never mind…

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