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Twitter / radiationman: @dbwilldo enough with the i...

It made me think. Do I really bitch about IE that much? The more I thought about the more I realized that, yes, I do. IE6 has turned into the iPhone ’07 bitch (you remember those, right?).

So, I can’t complain about IE6 anymore. Can’t really complain about the iPhone either (but I’m seriously thinking about paring down my twitter for some of the more serious offenders).

I could call to task one of the over 100 business within a 30 mile radius of me that didn’t even bother to send me some kind of reply when I sent in my resume. No, that’s too lame.

Maybe complain about money, or my complete and total lack thereof? Again, lame.

I really can’t think of anything else good to complain about.

So, it looks like I’m going to stick with the eradication of Internet Explorer 6 as my cause for the time being. I would like to refer to Mr. Hotdogsladies for a moment if you will allow.

Twitter / Merlin Mann: See, I understand:

And, in reference to the point made by Mr. Raditionman above, no, they haven’t. A quick check of the logs on 4 of my sites show that IE6 comprises over 30% of my total viewers, averaging 8.4% per site so far this month. That is a *full third* of people that read the words I write are doing so with Internet Explorer 6.

I would guess a fair number of those are stuck with it because their IT shops are stuck in a “slow motion stoke”, but it is people like me that will get them to _trust_, or at the very least, begin to test, Internet Explorer 7 or even (gasp!) Firefox.

I have mentioned that I am no longer supporting IE6. If I lose business because of it, so be it.

But, I will slow down on my bashing.

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