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Suddenly I’m finding myself inspired by new people. For whatever reason, the words they say and/or actions they perform strike out to me. Something like this.

>Hi. I know my shit. Pay attention dummy and I might be able to teach you a few things.

Besides Gary Vaynerchuk (you’ve watched his videos here and gone to his site to watch more, right?), I’m more and more becoming a big fan of Merlin Mann (rhyme not intentional). Especially this post at

>I’ve loved so many of the comments and forum posts on 43 Folders. But, for an endless number of reasons that you’ve probably seen for yourself across the web, the quality and care of visitor contributions everywhere has hit what I truly hope is rock bottom.

>Stupid, venal, ignorant, self-linking comments from people who couldn’t be troubled to actually read the article. Angry forum posts full of personal attacks, giant avatars of Manga characters, and 4-vertical-inch signatures about which Golden Girl you are. Nonsense tagging, meta-commenting, ass-kissing, trolling, and video responses.neato! Please. It’s nuts and it’s pointless and it’s really cynical on the part of almost every publisher that allows that crap to go on.

Just as I’m thinking I’m the only one, he posts this. I’m not the only. Yay!

(you should also go and read this too)

I’ve gotten so tired of all the crap. Then I’ve found a few voices that, at least to me, are clear, well spoken and know their shit. It’s time to change how I do things, when I do things and where I do things.

Much, much more will be coming about this as I get closer to the big switch. Stay tuned.

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  1. Dude, I think 90% of this crap wouldn’t exist if people knew just how UN-annonymous they really are on the web.
    As for the implications that you’re ready to get the f*ck up outta virtu-Dodge, all I can say is that there are folks who’d miss you, not me of course… but someone :-p

  2. Bit late on this reply but, you’re on, and the next round’ll be on me dude 🙂
    (Btw, new kid or not, I am SO going to the Frankfurt auto show again next year and I like to think that I learned a few lessons from last year, lol)

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