so maybe I am a joiner

edit: link removed since I’m not using this service. Check me out on instead
And facebook (although, really, not so much)

and now, tumblr. I have a feeling this one is going to win out over jaiku, and lemme tell ya why.

First up it’s what they are calling a tumble log. Not quite full blown blogging (I have a few sites for that already as you know), but more than micro-blogging (twitter). It’s for random thoughts, photos, quotes, junk, whatever.

PLUS…(yes, there is always a plus, and this might be the best of them all)

It, like jaiku and 30boxes, has the ability to import as many RSS feeds into as I like, and then condenses them all down to a single feed. I’m still playing with it to see how much and how often it imports, but so far it looks promising.

I don’t think I’m going to stick with Jaiku. There is just too much going on there and it’s distracting and sometimes hard to follow. Besides, I really don’t need another place for comments. What a pain. Oh yea, you have to visit the site to post, which I’ve already mentioned is a major turn off for me. At least with tumblr, there is a Firefox bookmarklet and a dashboard widget should I actually feel like posting something.

In about a week I’ll come back and let all y’all know what I really think and share the feed. If you want to check it out now, I’m Feed is at the bottom of the page.

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  1. yeah, i tend to be a bit of a ‘joiner’ as’s interesting to see the things (especially web 2.0- god i hate that phrase).

    My latest endeavor was trying mozy- the online backup tool for mac…what a mess that was.

    Also, I have a tumblr and it’s pretty nifty…the RSS fees kinda take care of any “posts.” Also, there’s a “share on tumblr” button which makes it fairly easy.

  2. let us know how you go.

    it looks like too much randomness for me.

    i still like twitter for random thoughts.

    i use flickr to share what I see.

    i use my personal blog to share what’s going on.

    sometimes they intersect, but not that often, so i’m not mashing them into a jaiku or tumblr at this stage.

  3. Myspace is only WRR. And really, I have a hard time calling that Web2pointoh. For a site to be that, there has be good designs in place and a feature set that won’t allow the user to break a page with bad code.

    It is pretty random mixing them all together on tumblr or where ever, you’re right. But I think in the randomness lies the beauty. Just a mashup of everything, thoughts, pics, editorial type content, all in one place.

    Besides, here I would never post an idea for a tshirt. But it is perfect for tumblr.

    (steal my idea and you should pay me half. I’m just saying).

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