Who has the time for sick anymore, right? I know I don’t. I’m a busy guy, lots of responsibilities and whatnot. I just don’t have room on my calendar for sick.

Appearantly sick had other ideas.

It started last week. My ears filled with some sort of fluid that made a sloshing sound within the confines of my skull. Also caused me to not hear anything. So I go to the doc. He sets me up with some antibiotics, take 2 a day for 7 days and you’ll be good to go.

On the 8th day, the cough started. It has been going on for a few more days besides that, but it got really bad yesterday. I mean, it fully kicked my ass this cough all day yesterday and last night. Kept me up until way past my bedtime and everything.

Today I woke up with the sun as usual to get the lad out the door. Added bonus was pouring rain. No, I mean pouring rain. Flooded streets, running rivers, the whole shebang. Rain means the lad gets a ride to the bus stop, no matter what Mom used to make me do. Anyway, we were 15 seconds late to the bus stop, so I had to drive him to the next so he could run to the bus, and from what I could tell, chastise the bus driver upon entering. I’ll have to ask him about that in the morning.

I get back home, do the rest of my morning stuff (emails, coffee, emails, coffee). Then it hits me. I’m worn out. I call the office to let them know I’m staying home and crawl into bed. I proceed to spend the rest of my day there, mostly sleeping. I woke up at about 2, took a shower, ate something, moved to the couch and slept for a few more hours. I’m still wiped out.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. For sure I don’t have the time tomorrow for this. Not even a little bit.

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