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For those of you that missed it, Google Reader was updated this week. And boy how the internet is pretty bent out of shape. I’m definitely not a fan of the changes either.

Besides the horrible look of Reader now, they removed 1 of the key features of Reader that I really liked; sharing. And by sharing I mean with other Reader users. You could follow people and have followers. It was nice and neat, all contained within Google Reader.

Sharing is there, but in the shape of one of the most requested features since Google Plus came out, via the +1 button. Instead of sharing with a few people that follow you, you can now share with the entire internet via Google Plus. Cool because that’s a feature that was sorely missing from Google Plus. But not really.

If you are a Google Reader user, you’ll get this. Instead of clicking the share button to share with your followers, you now click the +1 button to share on Google Plus. However, if you are a serial sharer, you are about to completely flood your stream with stories that you share.

I expect in about a week that Reader posts on G+ to be the same as those on Facebook that play Bejeweled Mafia Farms, constantly sharing updates and begging for guns or jewels or whatever happens. Flooding your stream with items that you _might_ not want to see.

And how do you find items that are shared by others? Hope you have the right people in your circles so you get those bits that they shared? And when they share items that you don’t care to read, mute the posts? So much work for a system that used to work pretty well.

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