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I think I’ve mentioned, more than once, how much I enjoy The Hollywood Car Show. It was fun to make, it was fun to listen to. It was fun. At least I thought so. It would appear that you don’t agree. And, when I say you, I mean the collective, internet, you. All y’all. And to that I say ok, it’s done so you don’t have to see me talk about it anymore.

I was called out on this recently. If it was something I really enjoyed, audience shouldn’t be a problem, right? Except audience (or, more specifically, downloads and page views), is how we keep score these days. I mean, I can’t manage to make any fucking money off of these damn podcasts, so why can’t I hope for more than single digits downloads? I posted these shows here, to Fireball’s blog, Shitter, Facebook, Mastodon and Instagram. And still the best the show could pull was 9 downloads?

This is the frustrating thing about making a podcast. During S01 of my personal podcast project, I was only getting single digit downloads, but that was almost by design. That season wasn’t for you, it was for me to make sure I could complete a podcast cycle (record, edit, assemble, upload, write, post). That anyone listened at all was a treat!

If you did subscribe, thanks. But, you can go ahead and remove it. Pretty good chance that one is not coming back.

Back in Production Mode


I realize I’ve been touching on this in pieces here and on the social medias, however I haven’t really said that I was full on back in podcast production mode.


I am full on back in podcast production mode!

And what podcasts am I currently producing?

The Hollywood Car Show with world famous movie designer Fireball Tim (yes, that is really his name)(yes, REALLY!) and we talk about movies, cars, cars in movies and car events, with insider stories by Fireball! I always enjoyed this show, and this is our thrid season of being at it! Click that link for all of the subscribe options.

Ride Bikes Radio with Brian Dallas is back! This is the show about riding bikes and having fun on bikes! Brian has some huge goals for the next year and we will be tracking his progress, plus talking about riding bikes! Same here, link takes you to a handy subscribe page.

White Roof Radio with Todd Pearson, Gabe Bridger and Chad Miller is now 18 years old, with our 691st regular episode going live last week. This is all MINI Cooper stuff, all the time. We also record the pre-show for this one and it’s available, free of charge, at blackroofradio.com! Fancy link for this one is coming soon!

DonBurnside.com podcast also needs a fancy link. With this and White Roof Radio, I’m still working on the final bits moving the audio to a new host. Once that is done, I’m going to start doing regular episodes.

Navigation changes

Change are always difficult. Not only are they difficult, they might not always work out as expected. Changes are something that used to happen here all the time, as this is usually my test bed for all of the other sites that I run.

So, changes?

With all of the podcast action happening these days, part of my promotional loop will be for those shows to get posted here. Instead of flooding the home page with those posts, I’ve moved that category off to the side where it says podcasts, much like I have done with all of the recipes. Just because you aren’t seeing those in the main feed, doesn’t mean nothing is happening! Heck, I’ve posted the latest episode of The Hollywood Car Show and the next episode of Ride Bikes Radio will be published tomorrow.

While it has been a bit since I’ve posted a new recipe, my wife and I have been actively using recipes we have found on the internet that have been really good, which means I’ll be translating those for you very, very soon!