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The Hollywood Car Show 05 – A Metric Eff-Load of Dynamite

Don’t tell anyone, but you are getting a sneak peak. Lands in your apps tomorrow at 0900 MST!

(Download it here: https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/fe517164-1933-4d76-83f1-6761c45dcd79/thcs05.mp3)

Back without Fireball this week, who is out on assignment!

Kicking things off with the news that Loki, season 2, is coming back to Disney+ on October 6th.

We are super excited for this one!

Cool car movies this week go to: Baby Driver, especially the opening scene, and 6 Underground. Both of these are worth checking out!

More cool cars, this time in the shape of a GMC Typhoon that is living in my neighborhood. Full details behind that link. Back in the early 90’s, this car was coveted by many, including me.

We aren’t a tech show, but found a great app to complement your movie/tv watching; Callsheet.

Callsheet, in short, allows you to look up movies, TV shows, cast, and crew. You can think of it as similar to the IMDb app but… with respect for its users. Which, actually, makes it not like IMDb at all. ?

Click over for the details and to download from the app store. It is IOS only.

This week’s Featured Fireball Mug (say that 5 times fast!) is the Munster Koach. So cool! Go check it, or any of the 100+ mugs Fireball has designed to make you coffee time better!

To finish us off, there is a new episode of the Ride Bikes Radio ready to listen to, featuring the return of Brian Dallas. If you ride bikes, you might dig this one.

Tim returns soon, and with him a a brand new episode of The Hollywood Car Show! Stay tuned!

The Hollywood Car Show 4: The George Barris Interview

Way back in 2008, Fireball and I spent the day be bopping around Hollywood. We had a VIP tour of the Warner Brothers lot, which is super great. What was even super greater is we got the chance to interview George Barris! In his shop! This is that interview.

db and Fireball will return NEXT WEEK with a brand new episode. In the meantime, click over to the Fireball Etsy shop and get yourself mug. Can I recommend for this week the Mach 5 Mug . I can hear the theme song already!

The Hollywood Car Show 3 – The Fifth Turtle is a Car

Wow! Huge show for you this week! We have questions, hopefully you have answers. Can you imagine a remake of Christine? Oh, man. That would be awesome! If you haven’t tried Google’s latest easter egg, go on over and search for Barbie Movie. Come back and thank us later.

Moving on, this is definitely the movie and tv episode! Man, Fireball totally schools us on how shows and movies become so famous. Oh, and Fireball is looking for a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If anyone knows where one could be found, let us know!

Interested in MINI Cooper stuff? Click over to White Roof Radio.com!

A New Podcast – The Hollywood Car Show!

While technically not new, it might be new to most of you. This is The Hollywood Car Show with Fireball Tim and me! We talk about movies, movie cars, diecast cars, car shows and more. This will be released weekly on Friday morning and should be available to you in your favorite podcast apps.

With this show, I’m trying a lot of new things. First is a new WordPress theme, which improves the listening experience. This isn’t quite done because I was busy being a podcaster, not a WordPress guy. Also, back to using Riverside.fm for recording, and that’s been a great experience so far. The last new thing is using Captivate.fm for hosting instead of Libsyn. Good chance I’m moving all of my shows to them in the very near future.

Moving on, Ride Bikes Radio has been updated to the new theme. And as soon as I get a new episode recorded (should be this weekend), I will be moving it to the new host as well. Update for the donburnside.com readers is that Brian and I have talked about this and he will be back! Look for that soon and we will be recording at least 2 shows per month, plus another thing that should be super cool!