The Hollywood Car Show #21

After rolling through a short rant about Golf, db and Fireball get right into it! Some words from Darth Vader start us off, as usual. Then into the movies. Casino Royale’s Martin Campbell to direct the Green Lantern!, Brett Ratner doing Beverly Hills Cop Reboot, Samuel Bayer directing Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot but we… Continue reading The Hollywood Car Show #21

The Hollywood Car Show #16

The Hippie Christmas show for you today, what will most likely be the last show of the year. Starting off with Tim’s reading from @kissmybunghole. Good stuff, as usual. Then, right into the movies! The Invisible Man, **Knowing** with **Nicholas Cage** (view the trailer), **Terminator 5** and the Kenneth Branagh directed **Thor**. We also covered… Continue reading The Hollywood Car Show #16