I Fixed It, Kinda

Jetpack. By far my favorite plugin for WordPress. So many great features, all rolled into one. It’s pretty damned awesome. At least it was pretty damned awesome, until WordPress v3.5 was released. Then it was demoted to just ok. It started causing issues with embedded Youtube videos, tossing up some really ugly PHP error messages… Continue reading I Fixed It, Kinda

My Default Plugin List

donburnside.com has run a custom theme for as long as I can remember. Custom themes mean that I never forgot to add the code for Google Analytics or Feedburner (for the RSS feed) auto-detect urls. After switching to an ‘off the shelf’ theme like I did over the weekend, those 2 bits fell through the cracks. Don’t let this happen to you!

WordPress + Amazon S3

Recently I’ve been tasked with management of a couple of WordPress websites that get more traffic than I’m used to dealing with. Quite a bit more in fact. So much so that they were causing the server they lived on to have memory issues, random reboots and other odd issues. Step 1 In order to… Continue reading WordPress + Amazon S3