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The Sunday Post: The White Bike

The bike that reminded me that I like riding bikes back in 2014 and has close to 1,000 miles on it has been slowly getting repaired/upgraded. ## The White Bike It started back in 2014 with a Sunday Funday on bikes. I was on a borrowed bike for the day (since I didn’t have one) […]

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post #111: Arizona

It's like Arizona Saturdays were made for day drinking. Just delightful. — db (@dbwilldo) April 19, 2014 I like Arizona. When I tell people I live here, the first thing that is always said is something about the heat. My normal response to them (especially if they are east coast or midwest) is “At least […]

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The Sunday Post #110: What’s Next

Ok gang. Break time is over. Time we get back to kickin’ ass. Ready? What’s Next I’m working on something right now that will be the theme for the year here at; **After Social Media**. Community, customer service and retention. Less about hashtags, likes and followers, more about conversions, what to do when they […]

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The Sunday Post #108: A Food Adventure

It’s been pretty busy around here lately! I’ve been Mr. All-Go-No-Quit. Today we changed that, if only for a few hours. A Sunday Food Adventure Like I mentioned above, it’s been busy. I was in California, then a weekend of nerd stuff capped by a grilled cheese throw-down (yes, it was as awesome as it […]

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The Sunday Post #107: iStuff

Back to back Sunday Posts? I know that’s never happened before and there is a very good reason for that. But first. On iPhones and the Macbook Air Recent addition to my quiver is the 13″ Macbook Air. I looked really hard at the 11″, aka the iPad Pro, but decided the larger screen and […]