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[blackbirdpie id=317036657176100864] We can say I have had a month. A month, in this case, being the 30 days prior to this one, not a month like you see on your calendar. I know, it’s like the new math, but try to keep up. Anyway. I was tasked with replacing the ancient Windows Server 2003 […]

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Windows Backup Tips

I recently became a fan of Carbonite for backing things up. Sure, I have an external hard drive attached to my mac, but I wanted more. And since I’m a believer in the 3-2-1 backup system, Carbonite was a perfect fit. But, it is not without it’s faults.

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The Sunday Post #94

Recently I’m reminded that many of you have digital cameras. I also know from previous experience that, once you have taken the photos, you have no idea what to do with them.

Handle Your Photos

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The Sunday Post #85

I’m a Tweetie user on my Mac. I’m also a cheap skate, so I use the free version, which shows the occasional advertisement. And, so far, some of them have been helpful.

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Why I hate Safari

There are many things that this brilliant iMac sitting on my desk does that I absolutely adore. There are many apps that I run on a daily or almost daily basis that I also think are quite keen. Keen enough to remember their name so I can fire them up in QuickSilver or that they have earned a place in the all mighty dock.

Safari is not one of them.