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Hard drive upgrade – part 1

Picked up a new Fujistsu hard drive from Micro Center earlier this week. 120GB, 5400 RPM. Not the fastest, but the price was right (less than $100). Tonight, I set aside an hour or so to replace the 80GB drive in the MacBook with the new 120GB drive, in preparation to install Windows via Parallels […]

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The Sunday Post XIV

Look at me go with the Roman Numerals. I certainly hope just checked and google can translate when I get to a number I don’t know. Anyway, we shall subtitle this the ‘Geek Edition’. As I have talked about before, one of the reasons for switching to the Mac is OSX’s unix-y goodness underneath all […]

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This wasn’t a prediction

But it should have been. Time to clone an iPhone I would have guessed about a month, and I would have been pretty darn close. from Crunchgear

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iPhone problems

Oh no! Really? Problems with the all-mighty iPhone just a little more than a month after it’s release? Say it isn’t so! Well, Appleinsider is saying that it is so. Customers posting to Apple’s support forums (1, 2, 3) note the issue occurs without warning and usually affects a half-inch strip of the screen that […]


Attempting another show

Due to things happening earlier in the week, I had all of my small personal electronics with me, as you could understand. One of those items is my Edirol R-09 digital recorder. So, I used it. As you might already know, I do spend more time in my MINI than the average bear. Roughly 10 […]