iPhone vs. iPhone

It was my time. As an iPhone S user, this was my turn on the upgrade. As you can see, I was rocking the iPhone 5s. It is now in a box on it’s way to where ever, to be replaced by an iPhone 6s Plus (64GB). Yes, that is the big one, again, as… Continue reading iPhone vs. iPhone

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My Latest Setup

For the longest time, I’ve wanted an iPad. Since they were first release, I always thought “how cool would that be to have?” But, I never saw a need for one, did not see where it would fit in my quiver, so I never bothered. Eventually I was able to spend some quality time with… Continue reading My Latest Setup

How about a Photo Booth?

As previously mentioned, next week I’ll be in Vegas doing something that I haven’t done before; running a photobooth. Don’t think carnival-style photo booth. Think more a creative way to take portrait photos where they are shared on the internet as quickly as possible. The camera will be stationary and there will be silly props.… Continue reading How about a Photo Booth?