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Hacked? Me?

For those of you that might have visited yesterday, you might have noticed a little something different. Different in as much as a redirect to some website that wasn’t english. Nothing bad as far as I could tell, just not here.

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Another new WordPress site

Actually, my 2nd since moving to Arizona, so go me.

That is for my new place of employment, Encore Creative. Site is powered by Wordpress using a few plugins to manage things like the contact form and testimonials.

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I’m a WordPress Genius

WordCamp Phoenix 2011You’ve seen this over on the side of the blog for sometime now, and since it’s happening in just a few days, I thought I would take a minute to let all y’all know that besides attending, I’m going to be volunteering my skills and knowledge to work the Genius Bar!

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The Sunday Post #100: It’s Christmas (almost)!

It’s that time of year gang. The sun is shining, temps are in the 80s and there is nary a chance of foul weather. Must be Christmas in the Southwest!

The Holiday Post

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Adding 1 more to the Portfolio

Yet another WordPress site to add to my list of WordPress sites that I have built. This time, for the A MINI Vacation in Vegas group. It might look a little familiar since it’s based on the theme for the Sin City MINI Club site, but this one has a few extra features. First up, […]