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Video Site Explanation

Our good friend Josh gives us the skinny on three of the biggest video sharing sites. futurabolditalic:vimeo is for when you want great quality fbi:viddler is for when you want speed and features fbi:youtube is for when you want retards calling you “fag” in the comments Full test of all three to follow shortly.


How Can You Not Laugh At This

I get the concern – but really how is this not fricken hilarious?  The local auto mall has a huge full color LCD sign – how funny would it be if it ran the following: “The Current Zombie Attack Warning Level is ELEVATED.”

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Saturday Stuff

I’ve got more than a few things to get done today. I spent the better part of the week sitting on my hands for the most part and getting nothing done except for a few lackluster workouts. Well, maybe that is not entirely correct. I did get a few things done this week. Got another […]

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Stop Wasting My Time

We have covered this before, right? I am pretty sure that we have. One of my biggest annoyances is getting asked for my opinion or assitance, only to have that opinion or assistance questioned or not taken. Made even more super-extra-hyper annoying when I invest a sizable chunk of my day to the endeavor. Sizeable […]

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Chores I Hate

For those of you that have been following along with my exploits for a while you already know that I don’t like to make the bed and I’m poor at wrapping gifts. Here is yet another for the list. Laundry. I. Friggen. Hate. Doing. Laundry. I don’t like sorting it. Don’t like putting it into […]