It’s Time We Nerds Help

[blackbirdpie id=103210111178244096] Just through the course of a day I end up on some photographers website. Invaribly it’s something hosted by or wix, all done in flash with copy-righted background music playing and a crappy looking WordPress blog hanging off the side like dirty dish rag hanging out of the kitchen window. I keep… Continue reading It’s Time We Nerds Help

We need to talk

If you have been following along Twitter, you might have noticed that a good portion of my days have been filled with removing virus’ and spyware from nice folks computers. I said days, but should include nights. I don’t mind. I really don’t. It’s easy work (unless the system is completely hosed, then it’s good… Continue reading We need to talk

HTML Form Navigation

I’ve been having issues with HTML forms ever since I switched to the Mac. On Windows browsers (pretty much all of them), when you press the tab key (insert ridiculous apple symbol here), you go from field to field. This includes stops at drop downs, radio buttons and check boxes. Without doing anything, it just… Continue reading HTML Form Navigation