It’s the 21st Century. Welcome.

If you run a business, you have no excuse to be afraid of technology. At the very least, you need a working knowledge of your systems. — db (@dbwilldo) April 12, 2014 Working a help desk for the past almost year has been a very interesting experience. Ignore what I have said for a minute …

The Problem with GoDaddy

Oh boy is the internet pissed at Godaddy this week! Turns out they supported SOPA (which they later changed their mind about). That was reason enough for quite a few folks to start pulling their domains and move them to different registrars. I know I did, but not because they supported SOPA. More like, that’s …

Dear HP Printer Division

I’m having a pretty good week so far if I can be so bold. Nice and busy, but not crazy busy. Just about perfect. Perfect except for 1 thing. It may seem minor to some of you, but it is making me absolutely batshit crazy.

Everyone one of my customers this week have had printer problems. Every one of the printers was an HP. And every one of them took me no less than 2 hours to complete if it would even complete at all.

Whiskey tango foxtrot, over?

Dear Everyone

This one is dedicated to every HR person, every over thinker, every person that fancied themselves, at one time or another, a designer.

Or to the web developers that have never heard of a Mac, a browser other than Internet Explorer and still think Front page is a cool thing to use.

Or to the architects. Wherever you are.

Please take a minute the next time you create something that one of your customers, potential employees or anyone in the general public could possibly interact with and let someone else look at it before you pull the trigger making it live.

The Problem with BitTorrent

We discussed this back in ’06 and I am here to say that BitTorrent is still not useful. Back then I said,

>For bittorrent to be useful, there has to more than a few users with fast connections. If you try to download something that is only shared by a few users, the download will take forever. Same goes if any of the users sharing are doing so over a dial up connection.