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Too Busy Being Awesome

A question posed to me this week by one of the White Roof Radio boys had me thinking, and researching. And, well, I’ll just come out and say it. Holy Crap I have been posting words to the internet, in some fashion of a blog or another, since about 2001. I can’t verify that however, […]

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It’s the 21st Century. Welcome.

If you run a business, you have no excuse to be afraid of technology. At the very least, you need a working knowledge of your systems. — db (@dbwilldo) April 12, 2014 Working a help desk for the past almost year has been a very interesting experience. Ignore what I have said for a minute […]

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Radio Shack are Spammers

[blackbirdpie id=171113281245814784] I was in need of a power accessory for my car. Sure I could have gone anywhere, but to save me driving all over town, I decided to hit up my local Radio Shack store. They had the parts that I needed, a power adapter splitter and a USB power adapter, which I […]

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The Problem with GoDaddy

Oh boy is the internet pissed at Godaddy this week! Turns out they supported SOPA (which they later changed their mind about). That was reason enough for quite a few folks to start pulling their domains and move them to different registrars. I know I did, but not because they supported SOPA. More like, that’s […]

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It’s Time We Nerds Help

[blackbirdpie id=103210111178244096] Just through the course of a day I end up on some photographers website. Invaribly it’s something hosted by or wix, all done in flash with copy-righted background music playing and a crappy looking WordPress blog hanging off the side like dirty dish rag hanging out of the kitchen window. I keep […]