#6 Explained

Can I take a moment of your time to tell you why this bothers me?

You see, the amount of time and energy you expend defending your position to others, or discussing certain topics with others that agree with you, can be used in much better ways. That’s what bothers me.

Why not just fix it?

Boy we are right in the thick of it, aren’t we? Surrounded by so many people that would rather spend their time and energy blaming someone for problems instead of hiking up their skirts and doing something about it. I understand there are those among us that feel strongly about certain things. Quite strongly in… Continue reading Why not just fix it?

Why the Interest?

It’s Super (and I’ve heard duper) Tuesday here in the United States. After the day is over and all of the votes are counted, we’ll know who gets to go to their respective conventions to try to win the full nomination of their party. I’ve already mentioned that I’m not terribly excited about this, but… Continue reading Why the Interest?

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