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The Problem with GoDaddy

Oh boy is the internet pissed at Godaddy this week! Turns out they supported SOPA (which they later changed their mind about). That was reason enough for quite a few folks to start pulling their domains and move them to different registrars. I know I did, but not because they supported SOPA. More like, that’s […]

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The Sunday Post 106: Arizona Balloons

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Reminder: Podcamp AZ

Podcamp Arizona is coming up next week! November 12-13 at University of Advanced Technology. Click over for the full schedule of speakers and sessions and to get registered if you haven’t already. It’s free, so there is no excuse. I’ll be giving 2 sessions. On Saturday at 10:15 I will be discussing podcasting and answering […]

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Food and Dr. Who

For those of you that aren’t playing the home game, I’ve been in the process of catching up with Dr. Who. It’s taken me a few months to get through season 5, but I finally did last week. Not only that, but we’ve been recording season 6 from BBC America so that when I did […]

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Make it Simple, Stupid

Pictured above is the 6 remotes it takes to run the entertainment system at Camp Stella. TV A/V Receiver Roku XD|S Roku Soundbridge Cable Box/DVR Crappy DVD player (supports PAL, so shut up) 6 devices. 6 remotes. Until now. Thanks to our friend Jason, who, after seeing the above photo, sent us this. That is […]