How I Did It

2 months into 2015 and I’m on my third month of keeping my body weight at or under 220 pounds. Pretty sure that means I’m right on track where I need to be to maintain it, and with the weather improving, I expect to get more time on the bike to help reach my next… Continue reading How I Did It

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I Didn’t Know Steve

[blackbirdpie id=121823117793443840] I never met Steve Jobs. Never saw him speak in person, never attended an event that he presided over. I’m not even a Apple fan boy, but am enthusiastic about their products. Up until the announcement of Steve’s passing, I was very excited about ordering my first iPhone. This morning I’m driving into… Continue reading I Didn’t Know Steve

My Office

Sure I may not be full-time employed, but I do have an office. Actually, I have about 15 of them. I really could use something else. Sure hangin’ out at Starbucks is cool, and with my FIOS access to WiFi, it doesn’t cost me anything to connect to the tubes so I can get a… Continue reading My Office