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create your own personalized map of the USA Now to knock out some more of those western states and the rest of the east coast. Perhaps another road trip?

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No, not the archives here at w(t)f, but from the archives de Josh. Specifically this post made back when the good lad actually spent a few months here with me. Enjoy! ============== >Gatorade Girl is the cute girl working at the Vaquero Mini-Mart (”Home to the same Mexican old cowboy every day since 1984″) that […]

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The History of Me: Food

I was never much into cooking when I was younger. In fact, when I first moved out I lived off Mac and Cheese and Top Ramen just like the next guy. But, there was the odd occasion when I would make up some sandwiches the way Mom used to, just because they were good. Then […]

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The History of Me: Technology

More in the series chronicling my almost 40 years on this planet. This time, we shall take a look back at the technology that I’ve used. This time, computers. I was going to include other electronics, but it turned out I had more computer-type stuff than I thought. My first taste of tech came in […]

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The History of Me: Wheels

Coming up to the big four-oh next month. In these years, I’ve seen many wheel’d technology come and go and even had some of it. This should be a lot of fun. My first set of wheels was, as you can imagine, an honest to goodness tricycle. I remember it was red and on it, […]