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The Sunday Post #96

1 week ago, I spent 9 days driving a MINI Cooper from San Diego to Denver. All told, I racked up about 2,000 miles (no matter what I tell you there) from the time I picked it up to the time I got to Denver.

I spent 9 days in a MINI


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And, Yet Another

me+funny hat

Another year has passed and today I am, once again, celebrating the anniversary of my birth 42 years ago. As tradition dictates of late, I will be spending the day working as much as I possibly can. Unlike other years, I can’t say this past one was terribly fantastic.

History of Me

The Sunday Post #88

Way back in 2008, which was the year I turned 40, I put up a series of posts titled The History of Me:, covering food, transportation and technology. Stuff I wanted to get down before I forgot. There was one topic that I failed to cover however. Music.

The History of Me: Music

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The end of my year

Dearest Internet,

You are reading these words from a website called These are the first words you have read from said site in about 18 days.

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The Sunday Post #80: Words

It is actually much too late on the day before Sunday. No, scratch that. It’s much too early Sunday. I’m tired, a little loopy and having a hard time keeping my eyes open, but for some reason I am compelled to put words to screen.