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It’s been a while

Starting this back up again, a fellas has to start someplace.

General Personal Rebranding

A few more tweaks and changes

For those of you that suddenly had 13 or so new articles show up in your news reader, welcome. You were subscribed to the feed at which has been redirected to I’ve also made a few minor changes around here to make navigating the posts a little easier. You will notice there is […]

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An Experiement

I’ve been posting over here for a few years now. Not promoting it so much, or linking a whole lot across the ‘net. My thoughts have always been “if they find it, great. If not, that’s ok too” when it comes to traffic here at w(t)f. It started off with a bunch of spammers and […]

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WordPress 2.5.1 updates and other kooky things

Updated this to 2.5.1 today. That was interesting. Started to upload, but I got quota errors. Great. Had to create a new account and log a ticket. But it’s done. Then, got about 1/2 way through tomorrows post, wanted to upload a photo but I couldn’t. The Viddler Plug-in kinda breaks it (I dropped them […]


Upgrade complete

wtf is now running wp 2.5. Upgrade went very smooth. Back to processing video and photos. More later.