Grandparents are Funny

Doing another video project for my Grandfather brought me back to the beach house yet again today. Mom tagged along as well so she could take Grandma shopping. Activities for the day complete, Mom and I make dinner. Grilled Halibut with corn on the cob plus some watercress lighty dressed with my vinegrette. Yes, it… Continue reading Grandparents are Funny

The Sunday Post 62

It’s almost the New Year so I think now would be a good time to check in. The Technology Challenge You remember this from late ’07, right? >And, while you are making your new years resolutions this year, pick someone close to you and introduce them to something new to use the internet for. If… Continue reading The Sunday Post 62

Grandma Mac

Today is her funeral and as I have mentioned before, we weren’t that close. She was 99 years old, would have been 100 if she made it to her birthday in March. Not many people around that were born before 1910 anymore, so I would call this a remarkable feat. How did she get that… Continue reading Grandma Mac