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>All-around performance seems to be good, too: only about half of the netbook’s RAM was eaten by the operating system. Running fancy applications like Skype and GIMP—calling GIMP fancy must be some sort of sin—also worked well. They even managed to play 720p video with only a few bumps and bruises.

>Not too bad, then. And just think: we’re still at least one year away from Windows 7’s release, which is plenty of time to optimize the operating system’s code.

>Microsoft, we’re secretly rooting for you. Don’t screw it up. Again.

I’ve had the chance to play with Vista a bit over the last few weeks. Home Ultimate 64-bit came installed on the g’rents new machine (HP with quad core AMD, 8GB RAM, 7200RPM drive). While it looks pretty cool, and works ok and has some nifty features (desktop is part of the alt-tab cycle…bitchen), it’s slow. Well, maybe not slow, but on a machine as buff as that (roughly the twice the speed of my mac), I would expect it to be snappier.

Windows open lag. Closing them there is ghosting and a bit of lag. Boot time isn’t that hot. Start menu lags. IE lags. Office is slow.

I know that machine would be screamer running XP. Be even faster running 2k. Heck, if I put ‘nix on it, I’m sure it would almost be too fast.

But not Vista.

I keep reading very good and positive things about Windows 7 however, much like the the article I linked above. Pretty good performance out of a beta product on a netbook? That’s definitely nothing to sneeze at.

I still won’t switch, but a netbook with Win7 on it might be keen.

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