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I’ve got more than a few things to get done today. I spent the better part of the week sitting on my hands for the most part and getting nothing done except for a few lackluster workouts.

Well, maybe that is not entirely correct. I did get a few things done this week.

  • Got another website customer, and another possible is in the works.
  • Created a new business card. Printing them next week.
  • Upgraded the iMac to 4GB of RAM. All I can say is holy crap!
  • Sent my resume out 5 times
  • Gave serious thought towards getting serious about starting my own company
  • Napped
  • Made another video to test iMovie ’09. More on this later.
  • Made an episode of THCS. I need to order a new mixer bad.
  • Spent more time that I care to admit on Facebook

I can tell you about this site, which is cool. It’s a site for an old time Hot Rod guy (like, one of the pioneers of the whole thing) with cool photos and some history. He recently passed away and his family wants to be able to post old articles and photos and all that. Perfect job for WordPress. I’ll let you know when it’s done so you can check it out.

I also have changes coming to this site. I put together some really cool stuff when I was ‘at the job’ and one of them was the coda slider. I’m going to try to incorporate into this site for latest posts, portfolio snippets, video and a contact form on the home page. Watch for that.

Go watch the video. It’s funny. I might post it here, but I forgot to not cuss, so maybe not.

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