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I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around this concept, but now I have 2 Macs. And, I have data on one that I need on the other, and vice versa. That is how I discovered remembered that I have an Evernote account. It sure is coming in handy with to-do lists and the like.

One thing that I was amazed about was the simplicity that is known as networking 2 Macs. Turn them one, check a box and that’s it? Really? No opening the Network Panel and making sure the TCP/IP connections are the same? No making sure they are on the same subnet or in the same domain/workgroup? No duplicating user accounts? No multiple reboots? What what what?

For those of you not familiar, Windows machines, especially in a home environment, do not network that easily. Well, maybe with Vista, but I haven’t done that yet. Networking XP or Windows 2000 machines not in a domain (re: office) is a serious chore. Workgroup name has to match, users have to match, moon has to be in the correct phase, and you need the magic monkey. Way too much hassle and, frankly, it’s way to difficult.

Next up will be the actual synchronizing of my Macs. Address books, calendars and possibly docs. I hear good thing about Google Sync, so I’m probably going to try that. I would be interested in hearing thoughts about MobileMe however. While I don’t like the idea of having to depend on a service that costs me money every year, if it works, then that’s that.

Yea, this Mac thing is pretty cool. Glad I didn’t switch.

By Don

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  1. MobileMe is great. Been using it for 3 years now (had a .Mac account before).

    Especially if you have more than one Mac and / or an Apple Telephone Product.

    Adressbook, preferences, keychains, calendars and favorites are all backed up to the cloud. iDisk useful for data backup. Personally, I love Mail being able to store up to 20gb of mail, accessible on all my devices or on anything that does http.

    The ATP integration is phenominal, with push mail, and live updates to changes in my calendar and addressbook reflecting instantly on all my devices.

    Also Back to My Mac will be useful to you having 2 macs – one at home and one that’s mobile.

    Sign up for the trial, even if it’s just to synch your data, and let us know how you found MobileMe.

    I am a fanboy, granted, but since it’s a free trial, why not give it a shot?

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