Remnants of 2005?

Talk about a week. I’m almost postive I proclaimed this to be the year that kicks last years ass. Well, if I have any repeats of this week, I’m going to have to say that my proclamations don’t. Mean. Dick.

Oh yea, I really need the ‘rents to go home now. 2 weeks at Christmas. 1 week off, and all of this week. Plus with the other crap that went down, I could use a break.

But hey, I do have all new plumbing in the house. All of the old, leaky sprinklers have been abandoned and a new hot water recirculation pump has been installed. Clear, fresh water, hot all day long and my water bill will probably drop by at least $30. So there is that.

Did I mention it would be ok if my folks went home?

Oh yea, I nearly forgot this one. For the first time since November, I almost had plan tonight. Please see above for why I don’t. Just because the lad is old enough to be by himself doesn’t mean he has to be. Left to his own devices he’d ride his new video game chair and eat frosting all night. Ugh.

Next week has to be better.


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  1. yeah, I know how that goes. Losing one’s job in the second week of the year is not high on my list of top 10 ways to kick off a great year. I got my fingers crossed both our year’s get better.

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